Domain Name Acquisition To Web Development

Whether you’re launching your first website or working on growing an existing one, your domain name is a central factor. It’s important from a technical standpoint in that it makes it easy for users to access your site, but it’s also essential to your digital brand.

I have used all the tools at my disposal to find some of the most sought after names. If you have not found a domain name yet your are in the right place. I have spent hours to locate the right domain names. I am sure you have too. If you do not have a name yet Please drop me a note and I will get to work on it with a list of Great potential names. You will find you may want more than one. As many Brands have a lot of domains all pointing to there site for the maximum amount of traffic.

Example Web Sites

World-class designs with original photos and graphics. Start faster; I have Web site Designs available here as well as domain names. This is to get you started in the same day without any further delay. Over 800 pre-made website layouts BUSINESS, ECOMMERCE, TECHNOLOGY, EVENTS, BEAUTY, SERVICES, HEALTH. See OVER 250+ Full Website of DOMAINS | WEBSITES If you have a Product | Shop | Industry | Art & Design | Business | Community & Non-Profit Education | Events | Fashion & Beauty | Food & Drink | Health & Fitness | Lifestyle | Online Store | Services | something Simple | Technology | YouTube | Networking | World Wide.  Brand new layouts are added weekly along with royalty free photos, icons, and illustrations. OVER 280 Ready Website for YOU! GOLIVE IN HOURS

Impower Your Entire Company, Team, or Personal Website With Additional Services

I want to take a quick moment to share with you a short introduction about our services that we are delivering:

-Domain Brokerage and Appraisals

– Website Designing

– Web Application Development

– Virtual Assistance

– Graphic Designing

– Digital Promotion

– Mobile Application Development

– Outsourced Projects

If it suits you well then we are keen to take your ideas to the world under your controlled IT budget with our techie professionals. If you would like to schedule a virtual meeting please share your platform and a suitable time or I’d be thankful if you can spread a word among your friends, colleagues and family if they want to avail my services. 

Process to Acquire Your Website or Domain.

Most Small purchases are just completed online while larger purchases done using Escrow is:

  • Online escrow that is simple and safe for Buyers and Sellers
  • A licensed and regulated escrow company compliant with Escrow Law
  • Regularly audited by government authorities
  • Armed with an in-depth knowledge of the escrow process
  • The safest service to trust with your money

All escrow services offered on this website are provided independently and exclusively by Internet Escrow Services (SM) (IES), one of the operating subsidiaries of IES is fully licensed and accredited as an escrow company and is subject to compliance with all applicable escrow regulations, including the California Financial and Business Code.

Larry Joe McDonald

Researcher, Educator, Writer, Web Designer, Real Estate Investor, Crypto Currency Investor, Domain Investor.

Living Paradise Life

Living a Paradise Life. All good things come to those who persistently pursue their dreams. Health, Adventure, Success, I call It “HAS” Health Adventure Success.

My goals and aspirations.

To Physically and Digitally Shake as many hands as possible. I started my Business life knocking on doors, passing out flyers, and meeting as many people as I could. I was always searching for Health, Adventure and Success. I always asked the question if you weren’t doing this or that what would you be doing. My father always said; “If you had $1000 dollars what would you be doing.” My dad just made me think.

My most impressive and relevant achievements. I have been the proprietor of several businesses in Real Estate, Property Management, Home Restoration I have been a Licensed Auctioneer. Finance agent, Marketing company, Acquisition and Logistics. I am currently a Web Designer, Researcher, Writer and Educator. I have purchased several houses. I have studied several Languages. I have Traveled the world and am currently residing in Central America, Republic of Panama.

Life after Death. The widow maker visited me twice. I lost my wife in 2007 and then suffered a massive heart attack in 2013, what is best known as the “Windowmaker”. I was told I was not supposed to survive this type of Heart attack, yet I did. So in 2007 I chose to retire. This was a real life riches to rags to riches of another kind. I spent a few years homeless but not completely destitute. I rose up from that as the Candyman, selling candy. Which set me on the path I currently am on. I am now living in the H.A.S. Health, Adventure and Success life today.